Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
(Ayu P. & Friska G.)

1.      Expressing satisfaction      : Expressing good feeling, sense of comfort or happiness.
2.      Expressing dissatisfaction : Expressing lack of satisfaction.

Expressing Satisfaction
·         It is with great pleasure that …!
·         It gives me great satisfaction.
·         I am very pleased with it.
·         A most delightful example of …
·         What a beautiful story!

Expressing Dissatisfaction
·         It’s disappointing that …
·         It is unacceptable.
·         This is the limit I will not take anymore of …
·         Well, this is most unsatisfactory.
·         The concert is so boring.

Examples of Expressing Satisfaction:
§  I am satisfied with the exam result of my students.
§  The good news is satisfying.
§  Te result of your test are satisfactory.
§  Your success will be a great satisfactory to your parents.

Examples of Expressing Dissatisfaction:
§  Nothing satisfied him. He always complaining.
§  The bad news dissatisfied me.
§  The workers were dissatisfied with their salaries.
§  The preparation for basket ball competition is dissatisfying.
§  It is really a dissatisfying preparation.


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